The portal provides a powerful research tool which allows you to reach information promptly. Thanks to filters you can minimise the number of articles and that will allow you to point directly what you are searching.

In order to view news, three proposals are available, you may:
- immediately reach latest circulars and decisions from the homepage,
- reach the whole list of circulars of each academic year,
- perform an advanced research using the box on the top of the homepage.

The portal is consultable with the most widespread engines:
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In order to make access to different portal’s services easier, some tools and plug-in need to be installed in your computer. Such as:
- Flash player 6 or further
- a file reading tool like Acrobat reader, dopdf,…
- a zipping tool like winrar, winzip, …
- a java virtual machine to read applets written in Java.
- a tool to read vide files like real player, vlc media player, windows media player, …
Let us remind you that all the above tools are available for free download from their respective websites.

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